We need a Manhattan Project to get the Caltrain Extension completed before 2029. Join with Save Muni to pressure San Francisco politicians to move ahead with this project.

Better Subways

Support upgrading the new Light Rail Vehicles to serve all riders. Bring the subway into a state of good repair and test enroute coupling to allow longer trains in the tunnel.

Better Bus Service

Demand convenient bus connections between major routes, red lanes where and when necessary to speed buses and street improvements that facilitate Muni service.

Improve SFMTA Decisions

Support a management audit of the MTA, an emphasis on projects that serve the riding public and a clear focus on Muni service. Demand a more accountable Board that prioritizes Muni

Regulate TNCs

Limit the number of TNCs (Uber and Lyft vehicles)allowed to operate in San Francisco. Tax TNCs heavily and require them to operate under the same rules as taxis.