Our Work

Current Campaigns

These are the major policy initiatives SaveMUNI is working on for 2023.

Couple Light Rail Vehicles: Longer Trains and Better Service

The SFMTA is currently replacing its entire fleet of light rail vehicles. These new trains from Siemens allow coupling to create three or four car trains. SaveMUNI urges the SFMTA to couple these trains at West Portal and Market/Duboce to allow more passengers to ride downtown without transferring and avoid overloading the automated train control system which keeps trains moving through the Market Street tunnel.

Restore all Pre-Pandemic Bus Lines: Keep Muni a Comprehensive System that Serves the Entire City

SaveMUNI has set forth a plan to the SFMTA to keep comprehensive service within a sustainable budget. We believe that it is essential to serve all neighborhoods equitably, and that a Muni system is stronger with excellent coverage for the entire city.

Serve Seniors and Disabled Riders

SaveMUNI insists that public transit should be for everyone, and that accessibility to major destinations (such as health care facilities, schools, government offices and parks) should be available to all regardless of their physical abilities

Promote Seamless Transit: Complete the Downtown Extension of Caltrain

San Francisco is overrun with automobile traffic from the Peninsula. It is essential to have better transit options. to alleviate the congestion these cars cause, One major project that will help is completion of the downtown extension of Caltrain which will allow riders from the Peninsula to arrive in the heart of the city’s downtown.