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SaveMUNImembers actively participate in decision making about transportation issues. We regularly communicate with the SFMTA, the Mayor, and the Board of Supervisors through written statements, public testimony, and private meetings with decisions makers.

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SaveMUNI membership offers many benefits:

  • Members receive notice of monthly meetings and special action alerts
  • Members can ask questions of transit experts from the SFMTA and other groups at our monthly meetings
  • Members vote on setting policy for the organization
  • Members receive exclusive invitations to tour transportation facilities
  • Members provide suggestions for future programs and issues for discussion
  • Members receive invitations to our social gatherings

SaveMUNI memberships are only $ 20/year. Additional contributions are always welcome


SaveMUNI offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. We would especially encourage volunteers with social media experience to help build our presence on social media. To volunteer, go to Support Save Muni

Have a Problem with Muni?

SaveMUNI can help If you have a problem with Muni, contact us and we will take it up with SFMTA.

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