Save Muni Annual Party a Great Success

Save Muni’s party this year took place at 111 Minna Gallery in downtown San Francisco.

We awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to long time San Francisco Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte for 50 years of support for public transit. Afterward Carl told us that he’s been riding the Muni for nearly 80 years. Our apologies and even warmer congratulations.

Bob Feinbaum, President of Save Muni announced support for regulation of Transportation Network Companies Uber and Lyft by the City of San Francisco. Now they are regulated by the state Public Utilities Commission which has been called the “protector of corporations not the public” by former Commission chair Loretta Lynch.

Unfortunately MTA Director Jeff Tumlin, who planned to join us, was unable to participate due to an overly long MTA Board meeting. Perhaps next year.

Save Muni’s Secretary Robin Krop provided musical entertainment on the piano. She played and sang transportation songs, and would like to hear suggestions for other songs for next year’s event.

A big thanks to all who helped make this event so successful:. Jean Barrish, Marlayne Morgan, Howard Wong, Michael O’Rourke and Michelle, David and all the great folks at 111 Minna Gallery.


Save Muni Comments on Muni Task Force Report

Malcolm Heinicke, Chair
Gwyneth Borden, Vice Chair
San Francisco MTA Board of Directors

Re: Report of the Working Group on Muni Reliability

Several members of Save Muni observed the sessions of the Working Group. We reviewed the draft final report and find some recommendations to be valuable, especially those related to recruiting operators and maintenance personnel.

However we are disappointed that the recommendations failed to deal with the following critical issues:

LRV Coupling– The Muni Metro subway is currently operating at about 40 % of its potential capacity. More capacity is best, and most cost-effectively, provided by longer trains which can only be provided by enroute coupling.. The Muni Metro needs to be able to couple short trains traveling to the outer parts of the city into 4 and possibly 5 car trains to run between the West Portal and Duboce portals and the east end of the subway.

We are unconvinced that a new train control system, costing at least $ 400 million, could come close to making up for the foreshortened subway trains. And we do not regard the attempt to squeeze more riders into the new LRVs as a proper strategy to compensate for inadequate subway operation. (more…)

Save Muni Letter About Transit Funding

Aaron Peskin
Chair, County Transportation Authority

For the past decade, Save Muni has advocated for better transit in San Francisco. We believe that successful transit-oriented development depends on the availability of safe, reliable, convenient and comfortable bus and rail service.

We agree with the recent resolution by the Board of Supervisors that asks for “increased transportation incentives” for “areas impacted by SB50” Clearly, as Supervisor Gordon Mar noted, it is essential to provide sufficient new funding to deliver the additional transportation infrastructure and service needed to support increased housing development

San Francisco cannot ignore the fact that Muni is unable to deliver its currently scheduled service. To approve greater housing density under the pretense that adequate transit service is now available would be the height of folly.

Too often transit fails to keep pace with amplified growth. By way of example, the Transbay District rezoning was predicated on construction of a regional transit hub with Caltrain’s Downtown Extension (DTX) connecting to multiple bus lines and BART. But the DTX has not been built, and tens of thousands of cars coming from the Peninsula still clog San Francisco streets and impede Muni service.

Save Muni supports the Board of Supervisors efforts to assure adequate funding for transit. We applaud other groups such as BATWG and the SF Transit Riders for their stands and agree that SB50 should be amended to put transit funding at the heart of transit-oriented development. (more…)

Save Muni Minutes – May 20, 2019

Taken by Robin Krop, edited by Bob Feinbaum

PRESENT: Bob Feinbaum (Chair), David Pilpel, Ed Mason, Angelo Figone, Herb Weiner. Robin Krop, Michael O’Rourke, Michael Barrett, Howard Wong, Serge Litvinenko Allen Kessler, Paul Bendix, Brian Larkin, Eileen Boken, Sara Greenwood, Chris Bowman, Jay Phone: Jean Barrish

1) Group business – Save Muni website being organized to make it sustainable. Jean Barish appointed to the working committee.

2) Discussion of MTA developments
The CTA backed off from advance funding for new LRVs due to safety problems

Save Muni sent a communication to the MTA raising issues with the new LRV4s, which was not responded to. Save Muni asked for specifications regarding the purchase order and never received any.


Save Muni Minutes – April 15, 2019

Present: Bob Feinbaum (Chair), David Pilpel, Ed Mason, Paul Bendix, Howard Wong, Serge Litvinenko, Allan Kessler, Jerry Cauthen, Paul Cummings, Jean Barrish, Herb Weiner

Announcements – Ed said that VTA will be offering free rides on 4/25 as part of their Get On Board event

Non-profit status: A number of questions were raised, as well as reasons to file for 501c(3) and reasons not to file. Decision deferred pending Jean’s communication with non-profit experts and the IRS.

Officers – Motion unanimously passed to continue the status quo. Will continue to look for a 5th officer to serve.

Website – Sergei is an IT professional with transportation experience who has offered to help with the website and social media. We need to define what SaveMuni will do. Bob, Howard and Paul appointed as the website committee to meet with Sergei.


Save Muni Minutes – March 18, 2019

Present – Bob Feinbaum (Chair), David Pilpel, Ed Mason, Lotus Fong, Allan Kessler, Jean Barrish, Eileen Boken, Howard Wong, Herb Weiner. Guests: Candace Sue (MTA), Lulu Feliciano (MTA)

Dues paid: Ed Mason

Election – Set for April with the proviso that at the meeting the group could delay to a following month (Adopted)
Minutes for February (Adopted)

Guests: Candace Sue, Lulu Feliciano
Candace said that her group is functionally based in media relations, marketing, strategic communications and public outreach and engagement. They have adopted standards for outreach to the public for capital construction projects (the POET strategy) which have spread throughout MTA. Took on customer service for MTA three years ago; there are now two avenues for comments, through 311 and through twitter (which is monitored live from 5 AM to 9 PM on weekdays and for special events on weekends.


Save Muni Minutes – February 18, 2019

Present: Bob Feinbaum (Chair), David Pilpel, Ed Mason, Eileen Boken, Howard Wong, Jean Barrish, Herb Weiner
Dues paid: Herb Weiner

By-laws Passed unanimously as proposed by the by-laws committee (Bob, David, Jean)

Election meeting: The meeting fort the election of officers was tentati8vely set for Aporil. This will be confirmed at the March 2019 meeting.

Dues: All members who0 have paid dues between January 2018 and the present will owe dues in February 2020. All other dues should be renewed 121 months after they have been paid.

Transbay Center: Bob reported that the Center is likely to reopen in June. Repairs to the cracked beams over Fremont Street will be made soon. A report to the TJPA Board is expected in March about the causes of the failure.


Save Muni Minutes – January 21, 2019

Present: Bob Feinbaum (Chair), David Pilpel, Herb Weiner, Rick Hall, Ed Mason, Chris Bowman, Eva Chao, Jerry Cauthen, Allen Kessler, Angelo Figone, Howard Wong, Paul Cummings

Administration – Save Muni bank account re-established.

By Laws – Draft by laws presented for discussion. Several comments received. The by-laws committee will meet prior to the February meeting of Save Muni to recommend a final proposal for adoption.

Chariot – Discussion about the implications of Chariot’s decision to stop service in San Francisco shortly. Comments focused mainly on the announcement that MUNI will be training former Chariot drivers. Save Muni will send a letter to Ed Reiskin requesting information about the training these drivers will receive. Angelo said we should also be asking about the need that Chariot fills and the origin and destination of its riders. He suggested that the MTA planners should address these issues in a cost effective manner.


Save Muni Minutes – October 15, 2018


Minutes – Meeting of October 15, 2018

Present: Bob Feinbaum (President). David Pilpel, Ed Mason, Evelyn Engle, George Wooding, Marlayne Morgan, Jerry Cauthen, Roger Marenco, Chris Bowman, Jean Barrish, Herb Weiner, Eileen Boken, Allan Kessler

Topics: By-laws revision, Incapacity of Save Muni’s Treasurer, Endorsements, Forum Follow-up, Taxis, BART Candidates