Save Muni’s Objectives for 2017

(1) Rededicate itself to making extending Caltrain to the new Transbay Transit Center San Francisco’s Number One transportation improvement priority.

(2) Increase Muni’s speed, reliability and ridership.  Implement and enforce transit only lanes, at least during the morning peak commute period.  Raise Muni’s on-time performance to 85 % by 2020.  Restore comprehensive service to all neighborhoods and increase weekend and evening service by at least 15%.  Cap patron transfer wait times at one-half the headway of the least frequent line.

(3) Double the Market Street tunnel’s Muni Metro passenger-carrying capacity by taking the steps needed to operate 4 and 5 car trains in the subway, including modernizing the subway signaling system, developing a successful way of coupling and uncoupling rail cars at the portals and creating unimpeded LRV surface operations.


SaveMuni’s 2015 Program

SaveMuni has been working on its 2015 program for some time. Our objective is to highlight certain key improvements that for various reasons have not received the priority and attention they deserve. The 11-point set of objectives below is not fixed in concrete and may change from time to time. Our intent is to help put the spotlight on the most important dozen or so actions needed to raise Muni and the other public transit systems operating in San Francisco to their full potential. Here’s the program:

(1) Double transit ridership in San Francisco from today’s 25% of all trips to 50% of all trips by 2025.

(2) Immediately make the Caltrain extension to the new Transbay Transit Center San Francisco’s Number One capital funding priority.

2010 Milestones

December 11, 2010 – SaveMuni White Paper:
SaveMuni releases its White Paper summarizing the fatal flaws in the Central Subway Project and recommending practical, moderately-priced ways of ending the current public transit morass in northeastern San Francisco, particularly along Stockton Street.

White Paper Nov 09 2010  Download

December 10, 2010: Expose:’s Expose details the careless and deceptive manner in which the Central Subway has been sold to elements of Chinatown and to San Francisco’s elected representatives.

Expose Dec 20 2010  Download