In addition to our day to day advocacy for better transit, SaveMUNI organizes a variety of special events fo0r our members and for the community at large.

SaveMUNI organized our last city-wide Transportation Forum in 2018. We plan tpo hold our next in the Fall of 2020, health conditions permitting. (Click HERE for The Future of Transportation in San Francisco – now located under Past Events on the current SaveMUNI website)

SaveMUNI provides information about citywide ballot and legal issues that affect transportation in San Francisco (Click HERE for the Debate over Measure D, currently on the Homepage; Include all articles now under Policy & Advocacy on the current SaveMUNI website)

SaveMUNI arranges tours of transportation facilities for our members (Click HERE to see the article on the tour of the SFMTA Operations Center – now located under the Current Events heading)

SaveMUNI holds parties and special events for members and guests (Click HERE to article on SaveMUNI party, now located on the Homepage)

Save Muni sponsors debate on San Francisco’s Proposition D, the measure to tax Uber and Lyft on the November ballot

Watch the video here

Save Muni Annual Party a Great Success

Save Muni’s party this year took place at 111 Minna Gallery in downtown San Francisco.

We awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to long time San Francisco Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte for 50 years of support for public transit. Afterward Carl told us that he’s been riding the Muni for nearly 80 years. Our apologies and even warmer congratulations.

Bob Feinbaum, President of Save Muni announced support for regulation of Transportation Network Companies Uber and Lyft by the City of San Francisco. Now they are regulated by the state Public Utilities Commission which has been called the “protector of corporations not the public” by former Commission chair Loretta Lynch.

Unfortunately MTA Director Jeff Tumlin, who planned to join us, was unable to participate due to an overly long MTA Board meeting. Perhaps next year.

Save Muni’s Secretary Robin Krop provided musical entertainment on the piano. She played and sang transportation songs, and would like to hear suggestions for other songs for next year’s event.

A big thanks to all who helped make this event so successful:. Jean Barrish, Marlayne Morgan, Howard Wong, Michael O’Rourke and Michelle, David and all the great folks at 111 Minna Gallery.