Past Events

SaveMuni Summit (March 6, 2010)

Sponsored by sixty neighborhood, district merchant, civic, environmental, transit advocacy and social justice organizations, the event took place in the Woman’s Building on 14th Street.   During the meeting many important ways of improving Muni were proposed and discussed.  The Summit produced a total of 72 proposals.  See INITIAL MUNI IMPROVEMENT PROPOSALS and SOLUTIONS TO MUNI’s PROBLEMS.

Muni Transportation Forum (August 18, 2012

Sponsored by the Sierra Club, Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods, San Francisco Tomorrow and SaveMuni, the event took place in the Coret Auditorium of the Main Library.  Again, participants came up with many Muni improvement proposals, mostly…mostly directed to the SFMTA.  Here are some of them:

1.  Make maintaining and improving the service on Muni’s 70 existing rail and bus lines the top priority.  This would include raising the average 24-hour speed of Muni’s buses to at least 9 mph, doubling the peak period carrying-capacity of the Market Street subway and conforming to City Charter schedule adherence and “get-out-the-run” requirements.

2.  Continue tough but fair actions designed to substantially reduce fare evasion.

3.  Introduce competition into the Muni maintenance program by contracting out the operation and maintenance of one major vehicle maintenance facility under a competitively-bid, one-year contract, potentially renewable with superior performance.

4.  Introduce competition into Muni line operations by contracting out the operation of six (6) Muni lines under a competitively-bid, one-year contract, potentially renewable with superior performance.

5.  Set aside and maintain a fund sufficient to guarantee the timely overhaul and replacement of Muni vehicles.

6.  Do not commit to a capital projects without first having completed a bona fide analysis of potentially viable alternatives and clearly established life-cycle cost effectiveness.

7. To the extent possible place LRV’s in transit-only lanes.  Place buses traveling on congested streets in transit-only lanes during the morning and afternoon peak commute periods.

8. Deploy at least 50 line supervisors to help maintain regular Muni service and respond to driver problems.

9. Build parking lots with excellent transit connections near freeway off-ramps so as to allow commuters to avoid having to drive into and park in congested parts of the City.

10. Collect congestion management fees on the automobiles entering San Francisco from the South commensurate with the fees collected from drivers entering the City from the North and East.  Provide the fees collected to the counties of origin for use in upgrading public transit service in the county.

11.  Establish congestion management fees for an area bounded approximately by Van Ness and South Van Ness Avenues, 16th Street and San Francisco Bay.  Provide the fees collected to the SFMTA for use in upgrading Muni.  Ensure that no one pays more than one congestion management fee a day.

12. Improve security on Muni vehicles and around transit stations and bus stops.  Improve security at Muni maintenance and other installations.

13. Bring back jitneys where it makes sense to do so.  Ensure that private shuttles and tour buses do not interfere with Muni service.