Save Muni Letter About Transit Funding


Aaron Peskin
Chair, County Transportation Authority

For the past decade, Save Muni has advocated for better transit in San Francisco. We believe that successful transit-oriented development depends on the availability of safe, reliable, convenient and comfortable bus and rail service.

We agree with the recent resolution by the Board of Supervisors that asks for “increased transportation incentives” for “areas impacted by SB50” Clearly, as Supervisor Gordon Mar noted, it is essential to provide sufficient new funding to deliver the additional transportation infrastructure and service needed to support increased housing development

San Francisco cannot ignore the fact that Muni is unable to deliver its currently scheduled service. To approve greater housing density under the pretense that adequate transit service is now available would be the height of folly.

Too often transit fails to keep pace with amplified growth. By way of example, the Transbay District rezoning was predicated on construction of a regional transit hub with Caltrain’s Downtown Extension (DTX) connecting to multiple bus lines and BART. But the DTX has not been built, and tens of thousands of cars coming from the Peninsula still clog San Francisco streets and impede Muni service.

Save Muni supports the Board of Supervisors efforts to assure adequate funding for transit. We applaud other groups such as BATWG and the SF Transit Riders for their stands and agree that SB50 should be amended to put transit funding at the heart of transit-oriented development.

Thank you for your consideration of this important issue.


Bob Feinbaum
President, Save Muni


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