Save Muni Minutes – April 15, 2019


Present: Bob Feinbaum (Chair), David Pilpel, Ed Mason, Paul Bendix, Howard Wong, Serge Litvinenko, Allan Kessler, Jerry Cauthen, Paul Cummings, Jean Barrish, Herb Weiner

Announcements – Ed said that VTA will be offering free rides on 4/25 as part of their Get On Board event

Non-profit status: A number of questions were raised, as well as reasons to file for 501c(3) and reasons not to file. Decision deferred pending Jean’s communication with non-profit experts and the IRS.

Officers – Motion unanimously passed to continue the status quo. Will continue to look for a 5th officer to serve.

Website – Sergei is an IT professional with transportation experience who has offered to help with the website and social media. We need to define what SaveMuni will do. Bob, Howard and Paul appointed as the website committee to meet with Sergei.

Membership – David is maintaining the membership roster. All members are invited to reach out to invite interested persons to our meetings.

New LRVs – MTA never answered Save Muni’s letter concerning defects in the new LRVs The CTA passed the first reading of the request to advance purchase of 151 more cars from Siemens. Save Muni’s letter of 4/7 to the CTA ratified by members present.

A motion authorizing Save Muni to send a letter stating that without more information and responses to design and mechanical concerns, no monies should be authorized for purchase of LRVs. (Approved unanimously). Bob will write the letter.

Light Rail Service Plan – David proposed preparing a White Paper detailing Save Muni’s plans for improving light rail service. David will work on the White Paper and consult with industry experts.

MTC Restructuring – Jerry presented an outline of a plan to restructure the Metropolitan Transportation Commission . BATWG will hold a press conference on Friday, May 17 at the Main Public Library on the issue. A motion to support BATWGs MTC restructuring effortsj was passed unanimously.

Next meeting – Save Muni’s May 20 meeting will feature a presentation by Paul Supawanich, Mayor Breed’s Transportation Policy Director.


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