Save Muni Minutes – March 18, 2019


Present – Bob Feinbaum (Chair), David Pilpel, Ed Mason, Lotus Fong, Allan Kessler, Jean Barrish, Eileen Boken, Howard Wong, Herb Weiner. Guests: Candace Sue (MTA), Lulu Feliciano (MTA)

Dues paid: Ed Mason

Election – Set for April with the proviso that at the meeting the group could delay to a following month (Adopted)
Minutes for February (Adopted)

Guests: Candace Sue, Lulu Feliciano
Candace said that her group is functionally based in media relations, marketing, strategic communications and public outreach and engagement. They have adopted standards for outreach to the public for capital construction projects (the POET strategy) which have spread throughout MTA. Took on customer service for MTA three years ago; there are now two avenues for comments, through 311 and through twitter (which is monitored live from 5 AM to 9 PM on weekdays and for special events on weekends.

Muni customer service receives 22,000 annual comments on 311 (about 2,000/mo) We resolve half of the complaints immediately and the other half go to the divisions for longer time resolution. Now trying to integrate the 311 and the twitter teams. Currently tracking commendations. Using POET model for construction, for Muni and for sustainable streets. The issue is where is the decision space on any given project (it might be small). Communities have a right to a say on projects.

Implemented a District liaison project for each supervisorial district. One MTA person can help navigate the agency and put residents in touch with people in the MTA and with the community resource team (three working throughout the city).

LRV Procurement
Comments by Save Muni members about the new Siemens LRV vehicles:
Doors open slower than on the Bredas
Jerky acceleration
Leveling problems with platforms in the subway
Can’t find specifications for the new cars; MTA not willing to divulge seating and standing capacity
Don’t know if MTA looked at coupling of the new cars; need to go to 3 to 4 car trains
At low speeds (5 mph) the vehicles stop without notice
Multi-use areas are not well designed for bikes, strollers
High pitched noise when doors close
New cars not working well with t`he ATC (automated train control)
No pull cord; riders have to reach across other people to signal for a stop
Focus on comfort, reliability and safety
Articulation section is noisy; sound attenuation needs improvement

General issues:
Biggest issue is en route coupling. Can be reliably done with modern technology
MTA is forcing this procurement rather than looking at the big issues of improving service Need to
re-evaluate this Siemens product

Interior – favor Option C and Option 3. Bucket seats. Transverse seats. More stanchions` at different
heights. More seating in the car. Additional blue seats for seniors and disabled
Bench seats over the electronic box. Hybrid solution for interior design. One seat on o0ne side and
two on the other. Look at the new car developed by BART.
MTA should take a more nuanced approach to seating, stanchions and open areas.

Save Muni voted to send a letter to Julie stating our concerns and recommendations. Bob will draft and send out for members’ review


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