Save Muni Minutes – February 18, 2019


Present: Bob Feinbaum (Chair), David Pilpel, Ed Mason, Eileen Boken, Howard Wong, Jean Barrish, Herb Weiner
Dues paid: Herb Weiner

By-laws Passed unanimously as proposed by the by-laws committee (Bob, David, Jean)

Election meeting: The meeting fort the election of officers was tentati8vely set for Aporil. This will be confirmed at the March 2019 meeting.

Dues: All members who0 have paid dues between January 2018 and the present will owe dues in February 2020. All other dues should be renewed 121 months after they have been paid.

Transbay Center: Bob reported that the Center is likely to reopen in June. Repairs to the cracked beams over Fremont Street will be made soon. A report to the TJPA Board is expected in March about the causes of the failure.

Issues for Save Muni to consider in 2019.: We held a wide ranging discussion about issues to focus on this year The following were identified and these and others will be considered at the March meeting

General issues:
1) Fix the Next Bus system
2) Work with political leaders to improve service. Board President Norman Yee and the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services were specifically mentioned
3) Consider the impact of BART in San Francisco
4) Save Muni internal issues such as increasing membership and website
5) Include the TAOSF Program
6) Organize a community meeting to focus on transit

Day to Day Issues
1) Increased station maintenance
2) Improve operator hiring and training
3) Improve street supervision
4) Improve vehicle maintenance

Rider Advocacy
1) Add page on the website for comments from riders
2) Article in neighborhood papers Bob will contact neighborhood papers about the possibility of a monthly column. Contact Paul K the former owner of the Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon`
3) Consider integrating with 311 or going directly to MTA with complaints. Track and compile information about complaints

Future meetings: Invite MTA management to discuss street supervision and line management and explain the channels of communication within the MTA


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