Save Muni Minutes – October 15, 2018



Minutes – Meeting of October 15, 2018

Present: Bob Feinbaum (President). David Pilpel, Ed Mason, Evelyn Engle, George Wooding, Marlayne Morgan, Jerry Cauthen, Roger Marenco, Chris Bowman, Jean Barrish, Herb Weiner, Eileen Boken, Allan Kessler

Topics: By-laws revision, Incapacity of Save Muni’s Treasurer, Endorsements, Forum Follow-up, Taxis, BART Candidates

By laws revision. By laws were adopted in 2014 and there have been some changes in the interim that need to be incorporated. Motion: Appoint a committee to revise the by-laws and report back to the full body by Save Muni’s December meeting. (Unanimously approved) Committee appointed: Bob Feinbaum, Jean Barrish, David Pilpel, Eric Chase, Howard Strassner.

Incapacity of Save Muni’s Treasury – Bob has been attempting to contact Denise D’Anne, Save Muni’s Treasurer for the past three months by phone and by email with no success. A recent email from Jennifer Cleary, President of San Francisco Tomorrow for whom Denise also served as Treasurer informed us that Denise was incapable of performing her duties as Treasurer of SFT and therefore has` been removed from that role. Motion: Remove Denise D’Anne as Treasurer of Save Muni. and as a signatory on our checking account with U. S. Bank Appoint Howard Wong as Acting Treasurer and add Bob Feinbaum as a signatory on Save Muni’s checking account. (Unanimously approved)

Endorsements Motion: Save Muni will make no endorsements of candidates or ballot measures

for the November 2018 election. (Unanimously adopted with one abstention)

President – Motion: Bob Feinbaum will henceforth be authorized to sign letters as President of Save Muni instead of as Chair of Save Muni. (Unanimously adopted)

Forum Follow-up – Marlayne wrote to Supervisor Peskin as Chair of the SFCTA and to MTA’s Ed Reiskin requesting that both bodies invite Jonathan from Commute Seattle to present ideas that have been successful in increasing transit ridership in that city. Motion: Save Muni communicate with both CTA and MTA to support the effort to arrange a meeting between Commute Seattle and transportation decision makers in San Francisco. (Unanimously approved)

Taxis – Evelyn from the San Francisco Taxi Workers Alliance reported on the SFMTAs plans to reform the taxi medallion system which they vehemently oppose. The MTA Board meets tomorrow (Tuesday, October 16 at 3:30) to decide this matter. Save Muni was surprised to hear about the proposals to basn most taxi drivers from picking up passengers at the airport while allowing unlimited Uber and Lyft pickups at the airport.. Save Muni passed the following Resolution:
“We support the efforts of the San Francisco Taxi Alliance for a more comprehensive, fair and equitable solution to the taxi regulatory quagmire in San Francisco. We urge` the SFMTA to continue the matter scheduled for 10/16/18 for further analysis” (Unanimously approved)

Bob will write as letter to the SFMTA Board communicating our resolution and urges members to attend the hearing.

BART Candidates – Save Muni heard from five candidates for the BART District 8 seat: Eva Chao, Brian Larkin, Janice Li, Jonathan Lyens and Melanie Nutter The Q & A lasted for for one and a half hours until 8:10 PM when the meeting concluded..


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