Save Muni Minutes – September 17, 2018


Present: Bob Feinbaum (Chair), Paul Bendix, David Pilpel, Ed Mason, Eileen Boken, Allan Kessler, Herb Weiner, Howard Wong, Arthur Tom

Topics Covered: Forum, Sunset transportation issues, RAB and DTX, MTC selection, and MTA training

Forum – Bob presented the schedule and the flyer designed by Howard Wong. Members were asked to spread the word and invite friends and neighbors to attend on September 29. Expenses were discussed. Motion approved to provide $ 250 to cover expenses for Jonathan Hopkins’ travel from Seattle,for fees charged by the library for use of the auditorium and for supplies. (Unanimous) It is expected that CSFN will share half of the transportation expense.

Sunset transportation issues – Arthur Tom, candidate for District 4, talked about Sunset residents needing cars; he decried removal of parking on Taraval and on the Great Highway, and removal of stops on the L line. He favored increased parking requirements for new developments, and complained about a disproportionate emphasis on bicycles and traffic control devices. Eileen echoed the idea that the Sunset is a suburban area and needs to use cars more than other neighborhoods in the city.

RAB and DTX – SFCTA Board considering the RAB recommendation of Pennsylvania Avenue as the “preferred alignment” for DTX. However there is no acknowledgment of the fact that this really has to be a 2 phase process: first, build the DTX on the current alignment and then construct the Pennsylvania Avenue tunnel when funds become available. Save Muni agreed to send a letter to the SFCTA to emphasize this phased approach as well as to strongly support the DTX.

MTC selection – Save Muni approved the idea of widespread input into the selection of the new Director of the MTC. We will join with the Bay Area Transportation Working Group (BATWG) in sending a letter to the Commission dealing with the qualities a new leader should have and the need for a nationwide search to find that person.

MTA Training – Save Muni authorized a letter to Ed Reiskin urging him to move Muni operator training to the Muni department rather than keep the function in a separate training department. David Pilpel will draft the letter.

We will receive a report about the Forum at our October meeting.


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