Save Muni Minutes – April 16, 2018


Present – Bob Feinbaum (Chair), Ed Mason, David Pilpel, Allon Kessler, Jeff Whittington, Howard Wong, Michael Barrett, Herb Weiner
Guests: Tilly Chang, Jeff Hobson, Mike Pickford

Topics Covered: MTA Budget, CTA Presentation, RM3, TNCs,

Meeting brought to order by Chair, Bob Feinbaum at 5:40 PM
Action: Bob Feinbaum appointed Assistant Treasurer with authority to sign checks (Unanimous)

MTA Budget: David reported that the detailed budget book for the MTA budget was not available to the public until the day of the hearing at the MTA Board. He said there was no meaningful explanation of the cost figures. MTA is the second largest department in city government (behind Public Health)`.
Motion: Send a letter asking the Board of Supervisors to return the budget to the Agency`(Unanimous)
Bob will edit letter and re-circulate for comments. Jeff will put the letter on the website

Tilly Chang – CTA produces the countywide transportation plan (which includes regional transit and highways). Voters s set priority categories. Every 4 years we go through long range planning of projects of $50 million and above.

Mike Pickford – We receive about $100 million/year from Proposition K sales tax. $ 5 million/year from Proposition AA vehicle registration fees and money from the Air District for the Transportation Fund for Clewan Air

Tilly – CTA plans and funds projects. We look to stretch Prop. K funds with matching funds; we look at the readiness of the project (30 % design) and community support (district supervisor’s approval)
Congestion pricing: 2010 study. Charges for north-east quadrant of $3. Never adopted; would need an EIR. Parking charges did not have the same benefits as road pricing.
CTA is the lead for the Treasure Island Mobility Management Project which will institute a congestion toll for new ferry and AC Transit service.

CTA considering new technology which could give credits for transit use for a free toll
AB 3059 would allow four pilot congestion charging projects in California. Will be heard on April 23. San Francisco then would have to approve a project and apply (if the bill passes)

F line – According to Tilly MTA must sponsor the project. Rick is developing a new alignment which does not involve a refurbished tunnel. It was the sense of the group to invite Rick to a future meeting to update us on the F line project.

RM3 – Jerry will send his OpEd to Jeff for posting. Will also post DeSaulinier’s op-ed urging a No vote.
SB827 – Jerry will send his OpEd to Jeff for posting. Bob will contact Rick Hall to join the opposition

MTA Board members – David reported that two MTA Board members are up for re-appointment and that the Mayor has indicated that he would re-appoint them. Save Muni voted to oppose re-appointment. Howard Wong will write a letter and circulate it for revision. Bob will send to the Mayor ad Board

TNCs – Members expressed interest in putting this on the agenda for the May meeting. Contact Kate Toran (MTA)
Meeting adjourned: 7:40 PM Next meeting: May 21, 2018


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