Save Muni’s Objectives for 2017


(1) Rededicate itself to making extending Caltrain to the new Transbay Transit Center San Francisco’s Number One transportation improvement priority.

(2) Increase Muni’s speed, reliability and ridership.  Implement and enforce transit only lanes, at least during the morning peak commute period.  Raise Muni’s on-time performance to 85 % by 2020.  Restore comprehensive service to all neighborhoods and increase weekend and evening service by at least 15%.  Cap patron transfer wait times at one-half the headway of the least frequent line.

(3) Double the Market Street tunnel’s Muni Metro passenger-carrying capacity by taking the steps needed to operate 4 and 5 car trains in the subway, including modernizing the subway signaling system, developing a successful way of coupling and uncoupling rail cars at the portals and creating unimpeded LRV surface operations.

(4)  Support well-planned, cost effective and vetted transportation projects of proven merit.   The planning and engineering such projects would necessarily include bonafide alternative analyses, accurate capital and operating cost estimates and long term benefit-to-cost ratios.

(5)  Oppose wasteful, cost-ineffective single-purpose schemes and politically-inspired pet projects of little or no benefit, including such wasteful and counterproductive   projects such as the M-Line changes proposed by the SFMTA last year and the costly and ill-timed extension of the Central Subway.   The most important transportation projects should happen first.

(6)  Insist that street changes be designed and implemented in a manner that avoids impeding Muni vehicles and first responders.

(7) Restructure the SFMTA to make running the Muni system its top priority.

(8) Work with MTC, the other  transit operators and the private sector to ease congestion and to resolve the other transportation difficulties afflicting San Francisco.  The AC Transit bus system should include East Bay transit-only lanes and be significantly streamlined and upgraded.  A branch of the Altamont Commute Express passenger rail service should be extended across a rebuilt or replaced Dumbarton rail bridge and then routed into San Francisco along the Caltrain right of way.  The long-needed regional bus system should be implemented.  The incentives to car pool and van pool should be significantly strengthened.

(9) Motorists, computer-summoned vehicles, automated vehicles, hi-tech buses and bicycles should all pay their fair share of the infrastructure costs associated with their mode of travel.

(10) Congestion pricing and/or roadway use fees should be established wherever and whenever needed to keep traffic moving at reasonable speeds.  Proceeds should go to improving the non-automotive forms of travel.  SaveMuni Proposals:  Gasoline taxes increased by $0.20 a gallon for each of the next twenty years.  State and federal highway use fees of at least $0.20 a mile.  Congestion pricing at designated boundaries of at least $6.  Significant increases in the excise taxes paid on behalf of both expensive vehicles and heavy vehicles.


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