SaveMuni’s 2015 Program


SaveMuni has been working on its 2015 program for some time. Our objective is to highlight certain key improvements that for various reasons have not received the priority and attention they deserve. The 11-point set of objectives below is not fixed in concrete and may change from time to time. Our intent is to help put the spotlight on the most important dozen or so actions needed to raise Muni and the other public transit systems operating in San Francisco to their full potential. Here’s the program:

(1) Double transit ridership in San Francisco from today’s 25% of all trips to 50% of all trips by 2025.

(2) Immediately make the Caltrain extension to the new Transbay Transit Center San Francisco’s Number One capital funding priority.

(3) Raise Muni’s on-time performance to 85 % by 2025.

(4) To increase transit speed, reliability and ridership, implement a strong, city-wide transit preferential streets program.

(5) Allocate at least 75 % of the funds to be raised by Proposition A to Muni and another 10 % to the downtown extension of Caltrain

(6) Double the Market Street tunnel’s Muni Metro passenger-carrying capacity by such long overdue improvements as acquiring longer rail vehicles and/or deploying 4 and 5 car trains and modernizing the subway signaling system.

(7) Ensure that all Muni vehicles meet federal “State of Good Repair” standards at all times.

(8) Revise and improve the Muni Forward (formerly known as the Transit Effectiveness Program) by restoring comprehensive service to all neighborhoods, and by increasing weekend, evening and Owl service.

(9) Strongly oppose wasteful, single-purpose schemes such as the proposed M-Line subway into the Park Merced development and the proposed extension of the Central Subway to Fisherman’s Wharf.

(10) Ensure that at no time are bicycle and other street and sidewalk improvements designed and laid out in a manner that would impede Muni vehicles, fire trucks and other first responders.

(11) Frequently remind the SFMTA that its first and most important responsibility is to operate a comprehensive public transit system that reliably serves all of San Francisco and all San Franciscans.