What people are saying about the Central Subway

“If they build the Subway, it will ensure major major new development at the stops in Chinatown and North Beach, and in terms of scale, these neighborhoods will never be the same again.”
Allan B. Jacobs,  former San Francisco Planning Director and former Dean of UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design
“I’ve seen a lot of large capital projects and a lot of transit projects planned,” he said. “And I’d say this is one of the worst-planned I’ve seen.”
Tom Radulovich, BART Board Member (From SF Examiner)
“How many other subway runs have only three stops? It’s a very short run. It’s pretty silly.”
Howard Strassner, Sierra Club Transportation Expert

“From my first interview of Jerry Cauthen, I knew unanswered questions surrounded the Central Subway project.  Fortunately, through persistence, the questions — which we first asked last year —are rising to public awareness, for the benefit of those who will eventually use the public transit extension”
Arthur Bruzzone, Producer and Host, “San Francisco/unscripted”

“Too many times we’ve seen money for public transit used to primarily benefit people who would profit financially, while making transit less convenient for actual transit riders. Voters approve money for public transit because they want transit to be more convenient and available….It would be tragic if billions of dollars were spent on something that made Muni more time-consuming , costly and unable to sustain its overall transit service…..”
Margaret Okuzumi, Executive Director of the Bay Rail Alliance

Expensive transit projects are worth their cost when they make a transit network work better.  In the case of the Central Subway, the expenditure of over a billion dollars will worsen Muni service.  This is nothing short of insane!
David Schonbrunn, President, Transportation Solutions Defense and Education Fund


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