2010 Milestones


December 11, 2010 – SaveMuni White Paper:
SaveMuni releases its White Paper summarizing the fatal flaws in the Central Subway Project and recommending practical, moderately-priced ways of ending the current public transit morass in northeastern San Francisco, particularly along Stockton Street.

White Paper Nov 09 2010  Download

December 10, 2010: Expose:
SaveMuni.com’s Expose details the careless and deceptive manner in which the Central Subway has been sold to elements of Chinatown and to San Francisco’s elected representatives.

Expose Dec 20 2010  Download

December 2010: Organized opposition to the Central Subway growing:
There has been a significant upsurge in the number of groups throughout San Francisco opposing the Central Subway, on grounds that it does not adequately serve Chinatown or the rest of San Francisco, and that its transportation benefits do not justify its high cost and future adverse effect on the Muni deficit.

In fact every one from the Mayor of San Francisco on down has, at one time or another, acknowledged the inherent ineffectiveness of the Central Subway project. But no one wants to rock the boat. SaveMuni.com is rocking the boat and will continue to rock the boat.

December 2010 – SFMTA Returning to Basics?
There are signs that prodded by SaveMuni.com and other groups, the SFMTA staff is starting to pay a little more attention to Muni’s 70 neglected existing bus and rail lines. There is even talk of pursuing some of the ideas developed at last March’s Save Muni Summit.

November 23, 2010 – SaveMuni.com and affiliated groups blast Central Subway at Plans and Programs Committee Meeting:
On Tuesday, November 23rd, SaveMuni.com gave Supervisors Campos, Mar, Chiu and Dufti an earful about the problems of the Central Subway. Representatives of SaveMuni.com, Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods, San Francisco Tomorrow, Telegraph Hill Dwellers, Nob Hill Neighbors, Friends of Washington Square and other groups spoke up. The presentations were forceful and unequivocal. None of the Superviosrs left the meeting with any illusions as to where the participating groups stand on the Central Subway Project. San Francisco’s awareness of the weakness and ill-conceived nature of the Central Subway Project is growing….a development that so far does not appear to be registering with the staffs of the SFMTA and SFCTA.

November 9, 2010 – SaveMuni.com Press Conference:
On November 9, 2010 SaveMuni.com staged a press conference at the Saint Francisco of Assisi Catholic Church, 610 Vallejo Street, San Francisco to answer questions about the White Paper (attached at the bottom of this page).

September and October 2010 – SaveMuni.com FOIA Requests:
As part of SaveMuni.com’s continuing effort to obtain accurate information about the Central Subway from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, we have recently submitted s series of requests for specific documents pursuant to the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance, California Public Records Act and federal Freedom of Information Act.

The MTA’s response has been to refer us to the massive MTA reports written as part of the SFMTA’s effort to convince the federal government that it should send an additional $870 million to help pay for the project, reports which for the most part do not answer the questions raised.

November 2, 2010 – Passage of Proposition G:
On November 2, 2010 the San Francisco electorate approved Proposition G, thereby removing the setting of Muni driver compensation from San Francisco’s City Charter and instead subjecting it to the collective bargaining process. It is hoped that this will lead to productive negotiations between the SFMTA and Transport Workers Union relative to wages, benefits and working rules.

SaveMuni.com took no position on the measure.

March 6, 2010 – SaveMuni.com Summit:
Over 60 San Francisco organizations including SaveMuni.com sponsored a Saturday meeting for the purpose of discussing ways of bringing San Francisco’s vitally important Muni system up to standard. Dozens of excellent ideas and proposals were discussed at length during the session. For a summary Over 60

January 7, 2010 – The Federal Transportation Administration sends a clear message:

What the FTA said to the SFMTA

To obtain federal New Starts financial participation in the project, the FTA requires the SFMTA: 
           a.)  to provide evidence showing that the subway would not damage the rest of Muni’s operation.  (Damage to the rest of Muni is already occurring and will continue to occur).                    b.)  to assume full financial responsibility for any and all project overruns. (Overruns are already virtually inevitable and the SFMTA currently has no viable way of addressing overruns).


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