Better Alternatives to the Central Subway

Beginning in 2005 a number of better ways of addressing the transportation problems of northeast San Francisco have been proposed, some of which are described below.   The SFMTA, the sponsor of the Central Subway Project, has steadfastly dismissed these alternatives without serious consideration.
Alternative I – Surface Solutions:  Many people think that the bus service on Stockton Street could be improved sufficiently to make the construction of a subway unnecesary.   With the San Francisco County Transportation Authority now studying the feasibility of charging motorists to drive on congested streets (as is done in London, Stockholm, Munich, Singapore and elsewhere), surface solutions are worthy of serioius consideration.  Unfortunately, the SFMTA rejected any and all consideration of surface solutions without adequate consideration by the SFMTA on grounds that they were without merit.


Can Bad Projects be Stopped?

The answer is: “sometimes”……if enough people object.

San Francisco has a proud history in this regard. San Francisco many ill-conceived schemes, all strongly backed and supported by Government, have been blocked by public action. Here are a few examples of blocked, municipally-supported ventures, most of which were partially or entirely funded at the time of their demise: