What You can Do

1.) Don’t give up on SF Prop A (voted in on November 4, 2014). Thanks to its vague and non-binding ballot language, there is still an opportunity to use Prop. A’s $500 million in new transportation funding productively. San Francisco has some very specific transportation needs (See “19 Steps to a better Muni“). Those promoting Prop A were clearly more focused on maximizing special interest votes than in actually making it easier to move about in San Francisco. However, the ballot measures is worded in a way that makes it possible for the SFMTA to yet do the right thing, by putting the bond funds to optimal use. Help make sure that the Mayor, Supervisors and SFMTA Board members know this.

2.) Join SaveMuni. The membership fee is only $20 a year. A donation of $20 or more gets you a SaveMuni membership. Save Muni is an all-volunteer operation. None of us gets paid anything. But we do have printing, marketing, mailing and other costs. Donations, large and small will be put to good use. Please mail checks made out to SaveMuni c/o our Treasurer, Denise D’Anne, 351 Guerrero Street, SF 94103 Ca. For more information about SaveMuni READ HERE

3.) Come to a SaveMuni meeting. We generally meet on the Third Monday of the month beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Turk/Fillmore Police Station.

4.) To get on our mailing list or learn more about SaveMuni, contact any of the following:

SaveMuni seeks:

  • Additional Members
  • Practical Ideas for Improving Muni
  • Financial Contributions
  • Volunteers: Input and assistance from Muni riders, Muni drivers and
    others who care about the system needed. Help make transportation in
    San Francisco faster, easier, less crowded and more reliable.

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